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To watch rugby union, tune in to live broadcasts on sports channels or streaming platforms. Rugby union fans can enjoy the excitement of the game by watching matches through these accessible mediums.

Rugby union is an exhilarating sport that attracts passionate followers around the world. Whether you are a die-hard fan or new to the sport, watching rugby union can be a thrilling experience. With the availability of live broadcasts and streaming platforms, it has become easier than ever to catch the action and immerse yourself in the world of rugby union.

We will explore different ways to watch rugby union matches, ensuring that you don’t miss a single moment of the thrilling gameplay.

Understanding The Objective And Rules Of The Game

Understanding the objective and rules of the game is essential when learning how to watch rugby union. Familiarize yourself with the gameplay and regulations to fully appreciate the thrilling action on the field.

Rugby Union As A Physical And Strategic Sport

Rugby Union is a sport that combines physicality and strategy uniquely and excitingly. It is a team-based sport played with an oval-shaped ball, where two teams of 15 players each battle it out on a rectangular field. The objective is to score points by carrying, passing, or kicking the ball past the opponent’s goal line and between the goal posts.

This fast-paced and physically demanding sport requires strength, speed, agility, and endurance. It is not only about brute force, but also about intelligence, teamwork, and quick thinking. Rugby Union tests players in various aspects, from tackling and scrummaging to running and passing, making it a thrilling spectacle to watch and a challenging game to play.

Whether you are new to rugby or a seasoned fan, understanding the objective and rules of the game is essential to fully enjoy and appreciate the action-packed matches.

Key Objectives Of Rugby Union

In Rugby Union, the key objectives for each team are to score more points than the opponent and to prevent the opponent from scoring. This is achieved through a variety of means, such as:

  1. Scoring a try: A try is the primary way of scoring points in rugby. It is awarded when a player successfully grounds the ball over the opponent’s goal line. A try is worth five points.
  2. Converting a try: After a try is scored, the team has the opportunity to earn additional points by kicking the ball between the goalposts. A successful conversion kick adds two points to the team’s score.
  3. Kicking penalties: If an opponent commits a penalty, the team can choose to kick the ball, aiming to score three points if successful.
  4. Drop goals: A drop goal can be attempted during open play by dropping the ball onto the ground and striking it with the foot. It is worth three points if successful.

Understanding these key objectives will help you follow the game more closely and appreciate the strategic choices made by the players and teams.

Overview Of The Basic Rules And Regulations

Now, let’s take a look at some of the basic rules and regulations of the Rugby Union. These rules define the conduct of the game, the formations, and the various ways of progressing toward the opponent’s goal line:

Rules and Regulations
Players must pass the ball backward but may kick it in any direction
Opposing teams compete for the ball in set pieces called scrums and lineouts
Players can be tackled as long as the tackle is below the neck and above the knees
maulForward passesst a few examples of the rules and regulations in Rugby Union. Familiarizing yourself with these basic rules will allow you to better understand and enjoy the game.

Familiarizing Yourself With The Teams And Players

When it comes to watching rugby union, familiarizing yourself with the teams and players is essential. Understanding the dynamics of the game, team compositions, and the roles played by different positions can greatly enhance your viewing experience. In this article, we will explore the key steps to researching the teams and players, as well as a breakdown of team compositions and positions.

Researching The Teams And Players

Before immersing yourself in the world of rugby union, it’s crucial to conduct some research on the teams and players you’ll be watching. This helps you connect with the game on a deeper level and provides valuable insights into the match-ups you’ll be witnessing. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Identify the teams: Familiarize yourself with the top teams in the league or tournament you’ll be following. Research their recent performances, team history, and notable players who have represented them in the past.
  2. Player profiles: Get to know the star players who are expected to make a significant impact during the match. Research their position, playing style, strengths, and weaknesses. Understanding the key players allows you to appreciate their skills and strategies on the field.
  3. Team statistics: Dive into the team’s statistics, such as win-loss record, scoring patterns, and defensive capabilities. This analysis gives you a better understanding of the team’s overall performance and its chances in upcoming matches.

Understanding Team Compositions And Positions

In rugby union, teams consist of fifteen players, each assigned to a specific position and role. Understanding these different positions helps you appreciate the tactical aspects and strategies employed by teams. Here’s a breakdown of the key positions:

Position Description
Props The props, known as the anchors of the scrum, provide stability and power during the set piece.
Hooker The hooker plays a vital role in the scrum, throwing the ball in during lineouts, and contributes to the team’s attacking and defensive strategies.
Locks/Second Row The locks or second rows are usually the tallest players on the team, providing strength and support in set-pieces and lineouts. 
Back Row Consisting of two flankers and a number eight, the back row players are involved in both the defensive and offensive aspects of the game. They provide balance and versatility to the team.
Halfbacks Comprising the scrum-half and fly-half, the halfbacks play a crucial role in the team’s attacking strategies, game management, and controlling the pace and direction of the game.
Centers The centers act as the link between the forwards and backs. They are responsible for both defensive and attacking plays, creating opportunities for their teammates. 
Back Three The back three usually consists of two wingers and a fullback. They excel in aerial skills, speed, and counter-attacking, often being the last line of defense.

By understanding the roles and responsibilities of each position, you can gain a holistic understanding of the game. Paying attention to how players interact and execute their tasks on the field will allow you to appreciate the sport’s complexity and strategy.

Identifying Different Rugby Union Competitions And Tournaments

This section of the blog post will help you understand the various major Rugby Union competitions and tournaments. Rugby Union is a fast-paced and highly competitive sport with several prestigious tournaments taking place throughout the year. Identifying these tournaments will not only enhance your knowledge about the sport but also allow you to watch the best teams and players in action.

Outline Of Various Major Rugby Union Competitions

In the world of Rugby Union, several major competitions draw immense attention from fans around the globe. Let’s take a closer look at each tournament and understand their significance:

Six Nations Championship

The Six Nations Championship is an annual tournament held between six European nations – England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, and Italy. Considered as one of the oldest and most prestigious Rugby Union competitions, it dates back to 1883. The championship involves a round-robin format, with each team playing against the others. The team that accumulates the most points at the end of the tournament is crowned the Six Nations Champion.

Rugby Championship

The Rugby Championship, previously known as the Tri-Nations, is an annual competition featuring the top southern hemisphere nations – New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina. This tournament showcases some of the best rugby talent in the world and is highly regarded in international rugby. The Rugby Championship follows a round-robin format, with each team playing against each other twice, both home and away.

Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is the pinnacle of the International Rugby Union and is held once every four years. Teams from around the world participate in this prestigious tournament, competing for the ultimate prize in rugby. The competition features a pool stage followed by knockout rounds, leading to the final where the crowned champion is decided. The Rugby World Cup has a rich history and is known for producing unforgettable moments and legendary players.

British And Irish Lions Tour

The British and Irish Lions Tour is a unique rugby event that happens once every four years. It involves a combined team from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales going on a tour to a rugby-playing nation, often against one of the Southern Hemisphere teams like New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa. This highly anticipated tour showcases the best talent from the British Isles and provides exhilarating matches against formidable opponents.


These major Rugby Union competitions and tournaments are crucial in promoting and developing the sport worldwide. Each of these events brings its charm, excitement, and rivalry, captivating rugby enthusiasts across the globe. By familiarizing yourself with these tournaments, you can ensure that you never miss a moment of exhilarating rugby action.

Finding Broadcast Channels And Online Streaming Platforms

When it comes to watching Rugby Union matches, finding the right broadcast channels and online streaming platforms is crucial. With the rise in popularity of the sport, there are now several options available to fans who want to catch the live action. In this section, we will explore some of the popular channels for watching live Rugby Union matches and online platforms offering live streaming options.

Popular Channels For Watching Live Rugby Union Matches

If you are a dedicated Rugby Union fan, you’ve probably already heard about some of the popular channels that broadcast live matches. These channels not only offer high-quality coverage but also provide in-depth analysis, commentary, and pre-match shows to enhance your viewing experience. Here are a few well-known channels:

  1. Sky Sports
  2. BT Sport
  3. beIN Sports
  4. ESPN
  5. NBC Sports

These channels are known for their comprehensive coverage of Rugby Union events, including domestic leagues and international tournaments. They strive to bring you every try, tackle, and scrum as if you were right there in the stadium.

Online Platforms Offering Live Streaming Options

With the increasing demand for online streaming, many platforms have emerged to cater to the needs of Rugby Union fans who prefer to watch matches online. These platforms provide convenience and accessibility, allowing you to enjoy the game from the comfort of your own home. Here are some popular online streaming options:

Platform Subscription Fee
ESPN+ Starting from $5.99/month
RugbyPass Varies by region
DAZN Starting from $19.99/month
FuboTV Starting from $64.99/month

These platforms offer live streaming of Rugby Union matches, along with features such as on-demand replays, match highlights, and exclusive content. Some platforms require a subscription fee, while others may offer free streaming with limited access. Choose the one that best fits your preferences and budget.

To never miss a moment of your favorite Rugby Union team’s games, consider exploring these popular channels and online platforms for live broadcasts and streaming options. Whether you prefer traditional television channels or the flexibility of online streaming, you can be sure to catch all the action and excitement of Rugby Union.

Local Rugby Union Venues And Ticketing

If you are a Rugby Union fan, watching matches in local venues can be an exhilarating experience. Being amidst the passionate crowd, cheering for your favorite team, creates an electrifying atmosphere that cannot be replicated anywhere else. In this section, we will explore local venues where you can catch the thrilling action of Rugby Union matches and provide you with ticketing information. So, let’s dive in!

Exploring Local Venues To Watch Rugby Union Matches

When it comes to finding local venues to watch Rugby Union matches, there are a plethora of options available depending on your location. Whether you are in a bustling city or a smaller town, chances are you will find a venue near you where rugby fans gather to enjoy the game together.


If you are unsure where to start, here is a list of popular local venues:

Venue Location Contact
The Rugby Shack City Center, London truck
Ruck ‘n Roll Sports Bar 31 Main Street, Sydney 02-XXXXXXX
Scrummies Bar and Grill 15 Rugby Avenue, Dublin 01-X


These venues attract avid rugby fans, offering large screens, comfortable seating, and a vibrant atmosphere. Make sure to check the upcoming fixtures and timings, so you don’t miss a match at these popular spots.

Ticket Information And Availability

Getting your hands on tickets for Rugby Union matches can be a thrilling experience on its own. However, it is important to plan as the demand for tickets can be high, especially for major tournaments or local derbies. Here are some ways to secure your Rugby Union tickets:


  • Official Websites: Book your tickets directly through the official websites of the rugby teams or the organizing authorities. They often release tickets in batches, so keeping an eye on their websites will ensure you don’t miss out.
  • Authorized Ticketing Outlets: Check with authorized ticketing outlets in your area. These could be physical stores or online platforms that have a partnership with the rugby teams or organizers.
  • Secondary Market Platforms: If you can’t secure tickets through official channels, consider exploring secondary market platforms. However, ensure that you purchase from reputable sources to avoid fraudulent ticket sales.


Remember, ticket availability may vary depending on the popularity of the match and the capacity of the venue. It is advisable to purchase your tickets well in advance to avoid any last-minute disappointment.

Learning To Analyze And Appreciate The Game

If you’re new to rugby union, you might find the fast-paced nature of the game intimidating at first. However, by understanding the tactics and strategies involved and appreciating its technical aspects, you can quickly develop a deep appreciation for this exhilarating sport. In this section, we will explore how you can enhance your understanding and appreciation of rugby union.

Understanding Rugby Union Tactics And Strategies

Rugby union is a complex sport that involves intricate tactics and strategies. To fully appreciate the game, it’s important to develop an understanding of these elements. Here are some key tactics and strategies commonly used in rugby union:

  1. The Set Piece: The set piece is a crucial aspect of rugby union, which includes scrums, lineouts, and restarts. Scrums involve the eight forwards from each team binding together and pushing against each other to gain possession of the ball. Lineouts occur when the ball goes out of play, and both teams compete to win possession by throwing the ball in and lifting their teammates to catch it.
  2. Attacking and Defending: Rugby union involves both attacking and defending strategies. Teams can use various attacking plays, such as crash balls, loop plays, and switch plays, to breach the opposition’s defense. Defending strategies involve tactics like line speed, drift defense, and blitz defense, aimed at preventing the attacking team from advancing and scoring.
  3. Rucks and Mauls: Rucks and mauls are contest areas that occur when a player on the ground retains possession of the ball. Rucks involve players from both teams competing for the ball, while mauls involve players forming a coordinated structure, using their bodies to protect the ball and drive forward.

Appreciating The Technical Aspects Of The Game

Rugby union is not just about raw power and physicality; it also requires technical skills and finesse. Here are some aspects of the game that you can appreciate:

  • Passing and Offloading: Rugby union requires accurate and well-timed passing, both along the ground and in the air. Observing players executing skillful offloads, where they pass the ball before being tackled, can be a thrilling sight.
  • Tackling: Tackling is a fundamental skill in rugby union, and a good tackle can quickly turn the tide of a game. Appreciate the technique involved in executing a strong, legal tackle while ensuring the safety of both players.
  • Kicking: Kicking plays a vital role in rugby union, allowing teams to gain territorial advantage or score points through penalties and conversions. Observe the different types of kicks, such as grubber kicks, up-and-unders, and cross-field kicks, and appreciate the precision and skill required.
  • Vision and Decision Making: Rugby union demands quick thinking and strategic decision-making on the field. Appreciate how players analyze the game, identify opportunities, and make split-second decisions, demonstrating exceptional vision and game awareness.

By understanding the tactics and strategies employed in rugby union and appreciating the technical aspects of the game, you can enhance your experience as a viewer or participant. The more you learn about the intricacies of the sport, the more you will appreciate the skill, teamwork, and excitement that rugby union offers.

Engaging With The Rugby Union Community

Being a part of the Rugby Union community is not just about watching the matches, but also about connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the world of rugby, engaging with the community can enhance your overall experience. It allows you to share your passion, knowledge, and insights with like-minded individuals. Here are two effective ways to engage with the Rugby Union community.

Joining Online Fan Communities And Forums

One of the easiest ways to connect with fellow rugby enthusiasts is by joining online fan communities and forums. These platforms provide a space for fans from all over the world to come together and discuss the latest news, matches, and players. By becoming a member of these communities, you can stay updated with the latest conversations and share your thoughts and opinions with others. This not only allows you to engage in meaningful discussions but also helps you build relationships with like-minded individuals.

Attending Live Matches And Connecting With Fellow Enthusiasts

There is no better way to immerse yourself in the Rugby Union community than by attending live matches. The atmosphere in the stadium is electric, with enthusiasts cheering for their favorite teams and players. Attending these matches provides a unique opportunity to connect with fellow fans in person. Strike up conversations with those around you, share your excitement for the game, and make new friends who share the same passion for rugby. Engaging with other fans at live matches creates a sense of camaraderie and adds a whole new dimension to your rugby experience.

Additionally, you can also explore the various activities and events organized around live matches. Many stadiums offer pre-match parties, fan zones, and community events where you can meet players, coaches, and other notable figures within the rugby fraternity. These events provide an excellent platform to network and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Overall, engaging with the Rugby Union community is about more than just watching the sport. It is about becoming a part of something bigger, connecting with people who share your passion, and celebrating the spirit of rugby together. So, take the plunge and start engaging with fellow fans online and at live matches. You’ll be amazed at the friendships and experiences that await you.

Exploring Additional Resources For Deeper Understanding

Watching Rugby Union matches can be an exhilarating experience, but if you want to delve deeper into the sport and gain a comprehensive understanding of its history, tactics, and nuances, it’s worth exploring additional resources. Here, we recommend a selection of books, documentaries, and podcasts that will enrich your knowledge of Rugby Union. We also provide insights on how to access online resources and websites that offer in-depth analysis and commentary on the game. So, let’s dive in!

Books are an excellent source of in-depth knowledge and provide an opportunity for you to explore the world of Rugby Union through expert perspectives. Here are some highly recommended books on Rugby Union:

  1. The Grudge: Scotland vs. England, 1990 by Tom English – This book delves into one of Rugby Union’s most notorious matches, exploring the intense rivalry between Scotland and England and the various factors that contributed to the unforgettable encounter.
  2. The Battle for Rugby Supremacy: New Zealand vs. South Africa by Steve Hale – For those interested in the legendary clashes between two rugby powerhouses, this book delves into the intense history, political backdrop, and gripping moments that have shaped the rivalry between New Zealand and South Africa.
  3. Jersey: The All Blacks: The Secrets Behind the World’s Most Successful Team by Peter Bills – If you’re curious about the secrets behind the success of the iconic New Zealand All Blacks team, this book offers fascinating insights into their culture, coaching methods, and stories of the players who have worn the famous black jersey.


Documentaries can provide a visual and emotional journey through the history and stories of Rugby Union. Here are some compelling documentaries to watch:

  • Chasing Great – This documentary follows the life of legendary New Zealand All Blacks captain, Richie McCaw, revealing the dedication, pressures, and sacrifices he made to become one of the greatest players in the history of the sport.
  • The Enduring Spirit – A captivating documentary that explores the history of the Rugby Union in South Africa, particularly during the apartheid era, highlighting the sport’s role in overcoming racial divisions and uniting the nation.
  • Building Jerusalem – This documentary focuses on the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup victory of England, shedding light on the team’s journey, the immense pressure they faced, and the impact their triumph had on the nation.


Podcasts offer a convenient way to stay updated on the latest news, discussions, and insights into the world of Rugby Union. Here are some popular podcasts worth subscribing to:

  1. The Rugby Union Weekly – Presented by BBC Sport, this podcast provides insightful analysis, interviews, and discussions about the latest Rugby Union events, featuring expert opinions from current and former players, coaches, and journalists.
  2. Rugby World Magazine Podcast – Hosted by the editors of Rugby World magazine, this podcast covers a wide range of topics, including player interviews, tactical breakdowns, and in-depth features on teams, competitions, and the rugby community.
  3. The Rugby Ruckus – Led by a panel of rugby experts and enthusiasts, this Australian podcast delves into the hottest topics in the world of rugby, offering lively debates, match analysis, and thought-provoking discussions.

Accessing Online Resources And Websites For Rugby Union Analysis

Online resources and websites can be a treasure trove of information, providing access to articles, analysis, and statistics that deepen your understanding of Rugby Union. Here are a few notable online platforms to explore:

Name Description URL
RugbyPass A comprehensive platform offering news, analysis, opinion pieces, and video content on Rugby Union from around the world.
World Rugby The official website of World Rugby, the sport’s governing body, provides news, information, tournament details, and educational resources.
Rugby Union Analyst A platform dedicated to detailed statistical analysis, insights, and commentary on Rugby Union matches and players.

By exploring these resources and immersing yourself in books, documentaries, podcasts, and online platforms, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the captivating world of Rugby Union. Enjoy your journey towards becoming a true rugby aficionado!


Staying Up-to-date With Rugby Union News And Updates

Stay updated on the latest Rugby Union news and updates by finding out how to watch the matches in real time. Experience the excitement firsthand and keep up with the latest scores, player updates, and match analyses.

Following Reputable Rugby Union News Sources

When it comes to staying up-to-date with Rugby Union news and updates, it is important to follow reputable sources. These sources provide reliable and accurate information, ensuring that you are always well-informed about the latest happenings in the world of Rugby Union. One of the best ways to stay informed is by following established Rugby Union news websites. These websites are dedicated to covering all aspects of the sport, including news, match reports, player interviews, and more. The information provided by these websites is often written by experienced journalists and experts in the field, ensuring the highest level of credibility. To make it easier for you to stay on top of the latest news, many of these websites offer subscriptions or email newsletters. By signing up for these services, you will receive regular updates delivered straight to your inbox, allowing you to stay informed without having to constantly visit the websites. Another way to follow reputable Rugby Union news sources is by subscribing to magazines or newspapers that cover the sport. While the internet has made it easier to access news online, traditional media outlets still provide valuable insights and in-depth coverage. Subscribing to these publications will ensure that you receive the latest Rugby Union news, analysis, and exclusive interviews with players and coaches.

Utilizing Social Media Platforms For Updates And Discussions

In addition to following news websites and publications, social media platforms provide a convenient way to stay up-to-date with Rugby Union news and engage in discussions with fellow fans. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are filled with Rugby Union accounts and pages that share news updates, match highlights, and player insights. To stay informed on social media, it is essential to follow official Rugby Union accounts such as those of World Rugby, national teams, and major tournaments. These accounts will provide you with the most reliable and up-to-date information directly from the source. Additionally, you can also follow reputable sports journalists and analysts who specialize in Rugby Union, as they often share breaking news and provide expert analysis on matches and players. Social media platforms also offer the opportunity to engage in discussions with other Rugby Union enthusiasts. Joining groups or hashtags related to the sport allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, share opinions, and exchange insights. This fosters a sense of community and provides a platform for lively debates and conversations. Summary: Staying up-to-date with Rugby Union news and updates is crucial for every fan. By following reputable Rugby Union news sources such as websites, magazines, and newspapers, you can ensure that you receive accurate and reliable information. Subscribing to newsletters and publications, as well as following official Rugby Union accounts on social media, will keep you informed about the latest happenings in the sport. Utilizing social media platforms for updates and discussions also allows you to engage with fellow fans and be part of the broader Rugby Union community. So, start following these sources and stay ahead of the game.

How to Watch Rugby Union: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Watch Rugby Union

How Can I Watch Rugby Union Matches Live?

You can watch Rugby Union matches live by subscribing to sports streaming services like ESPN+ or Rugby Pass. You can also check if there are any broadcasting channels in your country that telecast Rugby Union matches. Another option is to visit the official website of the Rugby Union governing body, which may offer live-streaming options.

Are There Any Free Options To Watch Rugby Union Matches?

While most legal streaming services require a subscription fee, some Rugby Union matches may be available for free on certain broadcasting channels. You can check if any local or national sports channels in your country broadcast Rugby Union matches for free.

Additionally, some online platforms may stream select matches for free, although the availability may vary.

Can I Watch Rugby Union Matches On My Mobile Device?

Yes, you can watch Rugby Union matches on your mobile device. Many sports streaming services have mobile apps that allow you to stream matches on your smartphone or tablet. Make sure to download the respective app from the app store and log in with your subscription credentials to enjoy live Rugby Union action on the go.

Where Can I Find A Schedule Of Upcoming Rugby Union Matches?

To find the schedule of upcoming Rugby Union matches, you can visit the official website of the Rugby Union governing body. They usually provide a comprehensive schedule of matches, including international tournaments and domestic leagues. Sports news websites and apps also offer match schedules, so you can stay updated on when and where the matches are taking place.


Rugby Union is an exciting sport that offers exhilarating moments both on and off the field. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the game, knowing how to watch rugby is essential for an immersive experience. From finding the right streaming platforms to understanding the rules and keeping up with the latest news, this guide has provided you with all the necessary tools.

So kick back, grab some snacks, and get ready to embrace the world of Rugby Union. Let the games begin!